VIBE POWERBOX60.4-V7 Class AB, 2x60 watts RMS 4ohm Stereo amplifier

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Introducing the VIBE Powerbox amplifier range,  one  range  of  amplifiers  to power all!!

VIBES desire was to create a perfectly structured amplifier line up that ensured that every one of VIBES speakers could be powered perfectly without compromise. The powerbox range took the  stylistic  deigned  heat  sink  to  a new  level  with  beautiful  high  gloss  acrylic  end  plates,  light  bar  illumination and a beautiful satin sliver finish to stand out from the crowd.

The range of amplifiers includes stereo amplifiers, multi-channel amplifiers and of course for those who love bass, some great powered monoblock amplifiers.

Using class AB technology, the amps the stereo and multi-channel amps offer great power and Quality, with mono amps deliver excellent power and efficiency with class D technology.  With both amps utilising high and  low pass filters and importantly having high level inputs to allow easy integration with OEM head units.

Powerbox amplifiers bring  a  great  range  of  powers  and  usability  all  under one form, one range, one brand.

• All new PowerBox class AB stereo and multi-channel amplifiers.
• Extruded aluminium heatsink provides superior heat dissipation and thermal performance.
• Onboard HPF / LPF active crossovers variable from 50Hz - 4kHz
• Bass boost centred at 45Hz variable from 0dB - 6dB
• High level input with Autosense circuit allows the amplifier to turn on and off without the need for a separate remote turn on wire.

Model – POWERBOX60.-V7

Configuration - 4 channel

Dimensions (H x W x D) - 2” x 9” x 7.6” (50mm x 229mm x 194mm)

RMS @ 4Ω Stereo - 4 x 60 watts

RMS @ 2Ω Stereo - 4 x 80 watts

RMS @ 4Ω Mono - 2 x 160 watts

Maximum Power - 640 watts

Frequency Response - 20Hz - 20kHz

Crossover Type - LP / HP /  Flat

Crossover Range - 50Hz - 4kHz

Topology - Class AB

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