Vibe BLACKAIRB8 enclosure and amp package

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VIBE are proud to release a brand-new range of compact enclosures, perfectly designed and engineered for today’s market demand for high performance yet small footprint subwoofer enclosures.

The VIBE R&D team set themselves a mission to rethink the traditional bass eflex or band bass subwoofer topology to create a unique product worthy of the VIBE brand.

In our hunt for low frequency bass extension and a desire for the smallest possible enclosure size we have utilised our extensive knowledge of passive radiator technology to maximum effect.

Each product in the new enclosure range wears the trademark ‘Optisound’ name, and these products are found in many of the VIBE signature families.

• Optimised for sound
• Optimised for efficiency
• Optimised for ease of installation
• Optimised for OEM applications


  • Passive radiator tecHnology delivers huge bass performance from a compact enclosure.
  • Dual "balanced" passive radiator configuration provides incredible sound quailty.
  • Steel mesh grill protects the woofer and passive radiator from any potential damage.
  • Quad post terminal allows series or parallel wiring of the dual voice coild for maximum flexability
  • Ultra compact enclosure allows fitment in the smallest of spaces.
  • Model BLACKAIRB8-V6
  • Driver BlackAir 8
  • Peak/RMS Power 1200W/400W
  • Impedance Dual 4
  • Dimensions (H x W x D)
  • 10.4” x 11.1” x 11.5”
  • (264mm x 282mm x 292mm)
  • Conguration 2nd order passive radiator
  • Enclosure Type Ultra compact Bass Enclosure
  • Recommended Amplier POWERBOX400.1M-V7 (Included)


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