Vibe CVEN : V Series Compact Passive Enclosure : CVENV6S-V4

Brand: Vibe
Product Code: CVENV6S-V4
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Vibe CVEN : V Series Compact Passive Enclosure :CVENV6S-V4

The VIBE CVEN series takes the values that forged Britain’s engineering heritage and applies them to create the pinnacle of car audiophile sound and quality. This compact bass enclosure delivers everything that people have come to expect from VIBE.


Slot Port – A high efficency slot port delivers incredible bass response with minimal turbulance.

Quad Post – Allows easy series or parallel wiring of the subwoofers dual voice coil.


  • Height : 8.7" (220mm)
  • Width : 21.7" (550mm)
  • Depth : 8.3" (220mm)
  • Impedance : Dual 2 Ohms
  • RMS Power : 150w
  • Peak Power : 300w
  • Minimum Input : 75 Watts RMS
  • Model : CVENV6S-V4

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