Vibe Slick Bass 1

Brand: Vibe
Product Code: SLICKB1-V2
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All Slick amps have the same height (2”) and depth (7.6”) allowing you to create a clean and consistent, compact install that doesn’t skimp on power

Despite it’s width of just 9.1” this micro bass amplifier is capable of high power output, with 500w RMS @ 1Ω and a Max Power of 1000w. Onboard subsonic and low pass filters ensure that only a clean bass signal is output to your subwoofer.

The SLICK Bass 1 amplifier includes a SLICK remote control, allowing you to fine tune your system from your listening position for optimum results.


  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 50mm x 230mm x 194mm
  • RMS@4Ω Mono: 1 x 200w
  • RMS@2Ω Mono: 1 x 350w
  • RMS@1Ω Mono: 1 x 500w
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-500Hz



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