Vibe Bass Generator

Brand: Vibe
Product Code: DELTABOXBG-V1
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Vibe Audio have launched a new toy to drop some serious bass in your car, because at VIBE that's what they do best!

The Vibe Bass Generator is a fully fledged active bass crossover and parametric bass equaliser but with a deadly secret weapon.

One press on the included remote "red button" will unleash a surge of teeth rattling bass at the frequency of your choice.

Perfect for those Streetbass moments...


  • Subwoofer level control
  • Low pass crossover 40Hz - 400Hz
  • Parametric bass boost 0-12dB @ 40 Hz - 120Hz
  • Frequency generator with seperate level control @ 30Hz - 300Hz
  • Aux input for iPod, MP3 player or DVD player
  • Remote turn output with on/off switch
  • 3 metre wired remote control for freq generator

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