Vibe 0 Gauge pro earth OFC cable

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Product Code: CL0AWGECP-V7
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• Critical Link Pro series power, earth and speaker cables are developed with installation fully in mind as well as ensuring the product is of the highest quality.
 • Utilising high strand count OFC copper, the VIBE pro series cable is the optimum cable for high level installation, VIBE have used a highly flexible silicone based jacket which means installation of even the biggest 0awg cable is very easy.
 • The Pro series cable is available in 0awg, 4awg and 8awg Power and Earth as well as 14awg and 16awg speaker cable and has been given a striking pearl jacket for fantastic
aesthetics when installed on show in the vehicle.
 • Running parallel to the Pro Series Cables the Advanced series cables offer a lighter weight solution using high quality Copper Clad Aluminium cable, this cable also features a high strand count and an ultra-flexible jacket for easy installation and comes in a stylish frosted Red and Black jacket.
 • All VIBE cables are easy to install and perfect to meet the requirements of any end user.

This cable is supplied custom cut from the drum by the metre.
Please add the quantity/length required before checkout.

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