VIBE BLACKDEATH HEX 15 High Excursion Extreme Subwoofers

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VIBE BLACKDEATH HEX 15 High Excursion Extreme Subwoofers

Introducing the latest in subwoofer technology from VIBE audio, BlackdeathHEX. HEX stands for High Excursion and the latest woofers from VIBE certainly do that.

The HEX subwoofers come in 2500 watt and 5000 watt RMS models in 12, 15 and 18 inch variants, with enormous 220mm, 250mm and 280mm diameter magnets, these subwoofers can deliver devastating and ground shaking bass!

The High Excursion comes from a combination of perfectly paired soft parts and monstrous motors! The 3 and 4 inch Voice coils come in a staggering 70 and 75mm winding height. This huge winding height allows the woofer to remain in total control electrically while moving on its 2 way linear movement of 76mm. The extreme excursion and Xmax of this woofer allows the HEX drivers to move large amounts of air delivering incredible bass and helping to create high levels of SPL. The 10 inch spider, made using a combination or Polycotton and NOMEX allows definitive control of the woofer, with 4 or 6 layers the spiders are designed to work in perfect harmony with the high levels of motor force and power handling of the woofer as a whole.

The beautifully designed basket looks menacing and the ultra-wide surround will intimidate those that come into contact with these incredible woofers.
The VIBE Blackdeath HEX subwoofers are the most powerful and dominating subwoofer we have ever built

• Non-pressed composite paper cone with ultra wide foam surround and BlackHole dustcap
• Triple stacked Y35 375oz magnet
• 3” high temperature, 4 layer, aluminium, long wound dual 1Ω voice coil with flat wire
• Quad NOMEX spiders deliver durability under extreme SPL conditions
• FEMM (Finite Element Method Magnetics) designed motor system ensures linear flux saturation and minimal distortion.

  • Model - BLACKDEATH15HEX-V7
  • Speaker Size - 15” (393mm)
  • Peak/RMS Power - 7500W/2500W
  • Sensitivity - 89dB
  • Frequency Response - 15Hz - 850Hz
  • Impedance - Dual 1Ω
  • Voice Coil - 3” 4 layer
  • Mounting Depth - 11.8” (300mm)
  • Mounting Diameter - 14.7” (375mm)
  • Enclosure Volume - 3 - 5ft3
  • Recommended Amp - BLACKDEATHM8K-V6


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